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Reseller Hosting

Looking to start a hosting business but don’t have much knowledge about server management? Reseller hosting is the solution you have been waiting for. Web Hosting companies can involve several complex techniques that require at least a basic understanding of its concepts and processes. You do not have to worry if you lack these skills. Best Reseller hosting paves an easy path to fulfill all of your web hosting requirements.

You might wonder, how does reseller hosting work? Well, it is quite simple. Hosting companies offer plans in huge volumes that are purchased by web hosts. These huge plans are split into smaller plans. The smaller plans are fully customized, and the reseller can prepare the web hosting plans at their convenience. While preparing the plans, the reseller provides all the required resources like bandwidth, server space, email accounts, etc. There are lots of best reseller hosting India providers like HOST.CO.IN available in the market. You just need to contact them via chat or mail, they will assist you to get the perfect solution as per your needs.

Reseller hosting in India is an incredibly reliable and affordable way to host websites. It provides a number of different plans that are incredibly flexible to fit your specific needs. The most important element is the bridge that it builds between the web hosts and clients, helping the two connect.

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Set Business Goals

When you start your reseller hosting business, deciding your business goals must be your priority. The niche audience that you intend to target dictates your business goals. Expanding the base of your customers and the amount of traffic that your website encounters, also factor into the goals you have for your growing business.

Once you are done noting your business goals, the next step of the process is figuring out which audience you should target. You have several options that you can choose from based on your need.

In order to build and grow your business, it is of utmost importance to have a clear business plan, as well as, a defined pool of audience you intend to target.

Figure out Your Target Audience

When you decide to start your reseller hosting business, identifying your target audience should be at the top of your priority list. If you already have a full-time business and intend to add reseller hosting on the side, you might already know your target audience. However, if you are new to the business industry and want to make your mark, identifying your target audience is of greater importance because opening the doors to any person who might need web hosting rarely helps build a solid business. Having a strategy and direction of growth is important.

The measure of success in web hosting is not merely your ability to compete with giant web hosting companies, as they might have significant resources as compared to yours. It helps them target a larger and varied audience. A luxury you might not have. So you need to begin your reseller hosting aspirations on a smaller scale by targeting a rather small pool of audience, satisfying their needs, and growing your business from there.

Identifying your audience helps gain information about the products and services they need and the best marketing strategies that can attract them. To begin with, your income might be limited due to your small pool of targeted audiences. However, the amount of money you have to spend in order to provide your reseller hosting services is less as well. Hence, the margin of profit in itself is higher compared to the money you have to invest.

You need to ensure that your pool of audience is big enough to bring in sufficient revenue to keep your business afloat. There are several tools that can help you predict the number of people who are searching for keywords pertaining to the services you offer.

Analyze Your Competitors

Being aware and keeping tabs on your competitors in the market is an extremely important factor in every industry. Companies of every generation have analyzed their competitors in order to get a good idea of the changes happening in the market.

However, there are several competitors and it can be incredibly hard to keep tabs on them all. There are various tools you can use to collect information about the direction of your competition. While some tools give you information of their presence on social media, others could focus on keywords and ads. It depends on your needs and the amount of money you are willing to spend on collecting the data using these tools.

Decide Your Brand Name

A brand is the unique signature of your company. It is your identity that makes your company stand out among your competitors. Your brand highlights all the advantages you have to offer. Historically, a brand has included a symbol, name, a catchphrase that imprints itself on your audience’s mind, or a varied combination of all of these.

In the modern world, however, a brand includes a lot more than merely deciding on the color, font, and unique design. There is a lot more investment in understanding the psychology of your target audience and designing the brand that would appeal to their mindset.

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Your brand is the visiting card of your company. It should highlight in the memory of your audience all the services and products your company has to offer. Your brand should be a perfect blend of visually appealing and the right combination of words to make an impression.

Branding is not merely a gimmick, but a way to connect to your audience’s emotions.

Your brand must foster credibility and build trust with your audience to propel them into subscribing to your products and services for the long run. Moreover, your brand should make your audience believe that you understand their needs and provide the right services to fulfill them. This can help you rise above your competition by taking center stage in your audience’s minds.

Decide the Domain Name and Build Your Website

Companies place great significance on deciding their domain name. While you do need to put thought into deciding your name, it is nothing to stress over. Your audience will choose your reseller hosting services based on the quality of resources you provide, not merely on the name you choose.

There are some things you need to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting name for your business. You should pick a domain name that has been registered for a substantial amount of time. It will avoid your brand from coming across as being newly registered. Customers usually refer to the WHOIS data to confirm their duration in the industry, so it is preferable to have a domain name that has a few years under its belt already.

It is completely acceptable to start with a new domain name, in case you’re unable to find an existing name. It merely aids your audience in figuring out the duration of your presence in the market.

Your domain name should quickly and easily stick in your audience’s mind. It should not be a tongue twister or be difficult to spell. Your business gets a huge boost through word of mouth. So the more difficult your name is to pronounce, the more audience you’re losing.

Keep SEO in mind while choosing your name. You should try to introduce your main keyword in the domain name itself. It will help your brand rank higher for your targeted keyword.

Install an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate easily seals your confidential data using a section of code across various networks worldwide. SSL is important even if your website might not deal with financial details.

Your information might go through a number of computers before it ends up on the final server. A computer positioned between your computer and the final server could be privy to your personal details. In order to avoid your information from falling into wrong hands, it is important to encrypt it. An SSL certificate helps you encrypt your information so that it can only be accessed by the final server.


Reseller hosting is the most reliable and cost-effective way to start your web hosting business. VPS hosting is also a good choice if you are able to handle server management. Plenty of good VPS hosting India providers are available in the market to provide reliable and affordable hosting packages. These basic guidelines can help you get a clear idea about your business goals including finding your target audience and keeping a tab on your competitors. They also guide you to choose the right name for your brand and domain, as well as map out the best way to keep your data safe.

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