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Music on Twitch

Twitch is a wide platform for live streaming. It always has something to offer to its viewers. It has a broad variety of content.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform where you can connect with millions of people of the same interest and build a community together. Twitch has gained immense popularity. It has become a home for many content creators who are into live video streaming. The streams here are quite entertaining and engaging, but for playing music on Twitch, you have to be careful. Before heading toward playing music on Twitch, you need to go through the guidelines related to it on its website.

On June 8, 2020, Twitch came up with a notice to take down all the copyrighted content on Twitch as per the DMCA rules. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a law that penalizes copyright infringement. If you are willing to stream your music on Twitch, then Twitch provides a platform for it too.

On Twitch, the work of songwriters, musicians, and other creative artists is valued. Twitch always supports and respects the creators.

What kind of music can you play on Twitch Livestream?

According to Twitch’s rules,

You can play your music copyrighted by you. This music should be created or produced by yourself. If you play copyrighted music, then it should be licensed by you.

You can use music for vocal performance on Twitch Sings. By keeping these rules in mind, you can safely use music on your streams without the fear of Twitch taking down your streams.

But, if you don’t stick to Twitch’s rules for playing music on Twitch Livestream, then your Twitch channel could get temporarily banned, and Twitch would take down your streams.

Twitch has prohibited the playing of tracks from the music streaming services.

What is Twitch Music Library?

Introduced in 2015, Twitch Music Library was a music library owned by Twitch, allowing users to use tracks without fear of copyright infringement.

It featured over 1000 pre-cleared songs for your live broadcasts and VODs on Twitch.

But, now it has been closed.

Why not play copyrighted music?

Copyrighted music is the one for which you do not have the right to broadcast. 

If you play Twitch copyrighted music, you risk having your content claimed or even taken down. When there is no audio, this frequently causes large gaps in movies. Streamers often view it as a loss they can live with.

The other thing which could happen is the punishment of a 24-hour ban on your channel. It occurs when the person who owns the rights to the music you played files a DMCA takedown request against you.

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If you use the copyrighted music in your streams for longer, the channel termination could also result.

There is a three-strike policy for DMCA takedowns on Twitch. Your first offense results in a 24-hour ban, your second time causes a 24-hour to seven-day ban, and your third means an indefinite or permanent ban on Twitch. DMCA bans should be noted because they are never fully removed from your record. The typical probation term for other bans is 90 days, but DMCA bans are permanent and show up in your profile permanently.

Music from other streaming services:

People believe that subscriptions to other music platforms allow users to share their music on Twitch. But, they go wrong as this purchase or subscription-only grants users a personal license. They can only access such music content to play it privately.

DMCA requests removing any clip on your stream featuring third-party music or videos. You can play music from specialized websites to remain free from any risk of DMCA rules violation. You can use Twitch FM on Spotify, which has over 2500 songs. There are lists of music to be played with gaming streams.

The best and safer way is to keep the rules of DMCA and the guidelines for using music on Twitch in mind and stick to them.

By this, you will not develop any risk for your streams and your channel on Twitch.

And thus, you can attract more and more audiences and engage them on your streams. By this, you will increase your viewers, followers, and subscribers, which will help you monetize your channel using the various monetization methods of Twitch accounts.

Many people buy Twitch followers and Twitch viewers to increase their audiences.

You must protect yourself against receiving DMCA violation notices regarding removing content from your channel. For a safety check, you can review all your content in the author panel, including highlights, clips, and VOD, and remove any that may violate the DMCA.

You can also limit the ability of your subscribers and followers to create clips.

What kind of music can you not play on Twitch?

With a detail explanation, the list of music prohibits on Twitch is mention on the Community Guidelines page Twitch; head over there to know in detail.

Shortly, here are a few types of music that you should avoid on Twitch :

Radio-style broadcasts, lip-syncing performances, and covers of songs are not allow on Twitch.


Twitch is a must-go-to option for all streaming enthusiasts.

Thus, you can play music on Twitch and have a license for it if you own it. Playing copyrighted music can straightaway lead to banning your channel on Twitch.

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