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Summer sales are one of the busiest and most profitable store sales periods. However, almost all businesses have summer sales at approximately the same time.

It means there is a lot of competition during this period, and customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements for these sales. This bombardment of promotional content means that customers are likely to tune out the content and not pay enough attention, making it difficult for businesses to stand out.

To stand out and properly market your season sale, you need to develop various marketing strategies and create interactive, cost-effective, and efficient marketing techniques. To do so, you must be careful about where you market your sales.

Businesses often focus on social media marketing due to its reach, but many ignore email marketing despite its effectiveness. With over 4.3 billion email users worldwide, emails are a great way to reach a vast audience without breaking the bank. Email marketing also allows businesses to personalize their messages, increasing the chances of a customer engaging with the content being shown.

Considering the huge reach and opportunity that email marketing provides, as a business looking to promote its summer sales, it makes sense for you to invest in email marketing. Here are six ways you can utilize it for your promotions this summer.

Email marketing strategies to implement

1.      Segment your audience

When you ask someone to join your mailing, you get some of their demographics, such as age and gender, in your database automatically. You should segment your mailing list based on this data so that you can send people relevant content.

For example, if a group of people is from a particular location where certain products are available, you should market these products to them. Another example would be sending out emails featuring products on sale that are popular in the age group the customer is in.

Sending out relevant emails and content makes it more likely for your customers to open your emails as they know the content would be useful. This way, you don’t have to send too many emails and can avoid spamming customers with irrelevant things.

2.      Personalize your emails

Email personalization has been shown to provide excellent results and increase audience engagement.

To start, you can use the recipient’s name in the subject line to create an instant connection. Consider adding small, personalized email messages as a friendly gesture. Sending out birthdays, Christmas, and other holiday wishes can also be a great way to show your recipients that you see them.

3.      Create eye-catching posters for the announcement

You must have a good ad campaign for your summer sale for effective promotions.

You can start with an announcement poster featuring the date and other details of the summer sale. Make sure it has vivid colors and mentions how much discount will be offered. You can then create more email posters featuring various products on sale and send them out every week before the sale and then daily in the week of the sale to remind people about it.

Doing so requires time, effort, and creativity, as you have to develop content regularly and ensure it is varied and all eye-catching. To ensure the content is user-friendly and varied, you can use various email sale templates, saving you time and energy.

4.      Offer exclusive deals for your mailing list

People need to be incentivized to join your mailing list and then open the emails you send. Having exclusive deals and discounts for those connected to you via email is an excellent incentive for your audience.

You can offer exclusive discounts on holidays and further discounts during the summer sale to people interacting with your emails. You can add coupon codes in your emails for such customers.

5.      Keep your audience updated with a newsletter

Monthly newsletters are often used by businesses when creating an email marketing strategy. The reason for this is that such newsletters act as a great way of staying in touch with customers and telling them what is new in the business in one email.

A monthly newsletter can provide people with insight into your business. It should feature things like upcoming sales or discounts and new services and products. The newsletter should also include any significant achievements in the past month and any changes in the business that have taken place.

You can also add unique features to your newsletter, like client diaries that feature your customers using your products or customer testimonials.

You can use the same template every month and then alter to give it a more festive look ahead of holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July.

6.      Create a referrals reward program

A referral reward program is excellent for adding customers and using word-of-mouth marketing. You can send out specific codes via email that people can then send out to friends and family to avail discounts on their purchases for a limited time.

You can also give back to such customers by offering them special discounts once they have referred the code to a certain number of customers. To track who has referred the new customers, you can add a quick survey asking for the name of the person who referred them after the code has been used.


As with all things in life, email marketing can be tricky too in the start, but as you utilize it more and more, you can easily get the hang of it and start seeing positive results soon. Email marketing is a promising marketing tool, and you can boost your sales if you use it correctly. Remember to add a call to action button in all emails so customers can instantly reach your website if interested.

You should track how well it worked and evaluate how you can alter your email marketing strategies for even better results. At the start, a guide like this can open your eyes to various ways a business can utilize email marketing for promotional content. Once you become more comfortable with the medium, you can create plans and experiment with how you utilize it.

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