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Cricket, what is there to say about this sport? It’s not words, and it’s just feelings. Do you experience this as well? This is the way it works. For some, it could be a different sport, but if we consider it within the Indian context. Also, it is more than just the game.

The nature of the game has been changing since it was first introduced. Now, Cricket has seen a dramatic change through the years since the first test in official format began 1877 in 1877. Between England and Australia at Melbourne in Australia.

We live in a time of technology, and we are amid technology. Cricket is such a popular sport, admired worldwide, and cannot be kept from the ravages of technology for too long. Technology’s involvement in cricket has continued to grow over time. From third umpires, Hawkeyes, and Decision Review System (DRS) to helmet cams and power bats. The advancements in technology have continued in the integration process.

We now love the game of cricket, which is played across any part of the world. In the home comforts of our own home. The technology has made it appear so realistic on screen that our excitement never ceases.

Through this blog, let’s look at the uses of various technologies in cricket. Including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and data analytics.

Utilization in the use of AI as well as IoT for cricket

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are among the most popular technologies that have been trending in the past decade.

These two technologies have seen their applications in virtually every industry. AI is being used in the health sector, TikTok, IoT in disaster management, and more.

It is the world’s most well-known sport that is using AI and IoT in conjunction to improve the experience of spectators and players. Here we will examine some of the instances of their application in cricket.

1. Specular BatSense

Specular, a Bengaluru-based sports tech startup, collaborated with Intel to create the “Speculur Batsense sensor. The bat sensor powered with Intel Curie technology is put on the upper part of the handle.

The sensor will create data for every stroke that a batsman makes. It’s got storage onboard to keep session data and Bluetooth connectivity that allows real-time data transmission.

The sensor measures six crucial areas:

  • Timing to Hit: The duration from when the bat is back-lifted up to the moment of impact for the ball.
  • Bat Speed on ImpactIt will also gauge the speed of the bat as it hits the ball.
  • The bat’s maximum speed is measured between the back-lift and follow-through.
  • Follow-through angle This is the measurement of the angle that changes of the bat following it has struck the ball.
  • The impact angle is also a measure of the bat’s angle at the time of hitting.
  • The angle of back-lift: This is the measurement of the bat’s angle in the back-lift as the ball approaches.

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The technology was utilized during 2017’s ICC Champions Trophy. The device is the low-power system-on-chip (SOC) mounted on the bat and collects data using a machine-learning algorithm for every stroke.

Television commentators use this technique to study the reason behind the dismissal of a batsman. They also analyze how batsmen react to the bowler in question and how much bat speed they can achieve.

2. Power Bats

Anil Kumble, the player who played without a fractured jaw. It has been very interested in the merging of cricket and technology. Being a fan of technology and a graduate in engineering, He has been experimenting with incorporating technology into cricket to enhance cricket’s quality and efficiency.

Anil Kumble joined forces with Microsoft and developed Spektacom, an artificial intelligence-powered bat for cricket that utilizes an IoT-based sensor sticker.

The concept behind power bats is based on using IoT sensors to get vital information about a batsman. Spektacom uses a miniature sticker sensor inside the cricket bat to gather information on the speed, quality, twist, and swing to aid professionals in improving their performance. Power Bats utilize a unique sensor sticker that measures the accuracy of the shot that is played. It records data and analyzes characteristics of the impact by using wireless sensors along with cloud analytics.

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The unique sensor that is non-intrusive weighs just 5 grams and can be easily positioned behind the label on the back of the bat.

The information produced through Power bats is analyzed using strong AI models developed in Azure. The data is then sent to the network’s edge for continuous feedback to the players.

In professional matches, the stickers are connected to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) via an edge device, a stump box that is hidden behind wickets.

The information taken from the Stump box is transferred to and analyzed by Azure, and the details of the shot made by the batsman are communicated with broadcasters in real-time.

4. Superstars

ESPNCricinfo is a cricket website that introduced SuperStatsin in 2018 to predict the game’s happenings.

The website describes SuperStats on its website as it is a “new language for numbers-based story-telling in cricket.” The program uses three parts, specifically Smart Stats, Luck Index, and Forecaster, which are used to anticipate an event that occurs in the course of a game.

The metrics are determined by utilizing the extensive ball-by-ball database of ESPNcricinfo. So, as well as the sophisticated ML algorithms created in collaboration with IIT Madras and Gyan Data.

The Smart Stats provides each bowling or batting performance context by analyzing match conditions and player performance.

The Luck Index is an index that calculates the chance that a particular event has for a team or player. It calculates results after identifying lucky incidents like a missed catch, missing run-out. Also, an incorrect decision made by an umpire. Luck Index uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the value of an incident.

Forecasters an application that analyzes the future and determines the odds of winning for the team. The following elements are considered when formulating the predicted score:

  • The strength of the team’s bat (including batters to be followed throughout the innings)
  • The strength of the opposition’s bowling
  • Batsman v bowler head-to-head numbers
  • Economy rates for bowlers and batsmen

Data Analytics in Cricket

The use of data analytics is now a highly efficient technology in recent times. It is also an integral part of the strategy formulation during cricket matches.

Cricket played at a world level requires high participation. All players from around the world participate in an event such as the World Cup.

ICC has used SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira software. Also, It analyze the stats on player performances, scores, player profiles, and much more. The information is updated every 20 seconds.

Let’s take a look at other applications of data analytics in cricket.

  • Digital Scoring on CricHeroes:

Technology has reached leaps and bounds and with CricHeroes, you can easily score your local matches just like International matches.

You can easily generate scorecards, organize tournaments and also find yourself on different leaderboards.

  • Criclytics

The combination that occurs between Big Data Analytics and Cricket is termed Criclytics. It is utilized by teams to make informed decisions about an event that is typically thought of as uncertain.

Critics are utilized to track players’ performance, their consumption of calories, and training level. Also, interactions with fans, and more to ensure better performance on the pitch.

The Critic’s insights are utilized by fans, broadcasters, and players to gather background information on the team’s performance and to make informed choices.

  • CricScience

The combination between Cricket and Data science gives birth to CricScience. Data science isn’t only helpful in forecasting the best team for a particular tournament. Also, help gain valuable insights for various other applications.

From coaches to players as well as sponsors has the potential to transform the way you play cricket.

Teams use it to determine crucial situations during a game, for example. To develop a strategy and trap a batter, determine which bowler should bowl a super-over, determine the proper fielding strategy against a specific batsman, and so on.

  • Insights by ESPNcricinfo

Insights from ESPNcricinfo is a blend between cricket and Big Data Analytics. In the hope of creating a series of products to draw in fans in the multi-screen world. Also, the software uses two decades of historical cricket stats and data points.

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