Fantasy Cricket: A Great Game for Cricket Enthusiasts

Fantasy Cricket

It’s not an unknown fact that fantasy cricket is an extremely popular sport in India. Indians take their game pretty seriously. They can often be heard shouting at the top of their voice no matter whether. They are in the stands or sitting comfortably in front of their television set at home.

Time and again, foreign cricket stars have been heard giving their opinion about how tough it is. Playing at India’s famous cricket stadiums due to the loud cheering of the fans. It seems as though fans are the team’s 12th player. Even umpires sometimes feel the heat when thousands of appeals are about to tear their eardrums. This passion has persisted over the ages, irrespective of the individual age of the fans. A 60-year-old Kapil Dev fan could be equally enthusiastic about seeing Virat Kohli taking the bowlers to pieces today.

Fantasy Cricket

Yet another chapter has been added to this book of passion and emotion with the introduction of fantasy cricket. The idea is simple – keeping your passion for the game intact and helping you win money in return. It’s a win-win situation for all fans involved. Previously, they could only discuss and share their knowledge of the game with a friend or two. However, now they can not only pit their expertise and skill against real players from across the country but also stand a chance to win handsome cash prizes in the process.

There are plenty of fantasy apps available online. The Howzat app is one such app that is tailored to suit all your fantasy cricket needs. All you need to do is to download the app, sign up using your mobile number or Google/Facebook account and start picking your 11-member team for any of the upcoming matches. Let us now discuss some of the important factors that make fantasy cricket immensely popular.

Playing fantasy cricket for real cash as well as for free is completely legal in India. Being a skill game, it enjoys full protection under the Indian law.

You may be wondering: what are skill games? Games that require analytical skills, knowledge and thinking ability to win come under the purview of skill gaming. Fantasy cricket requires a considerable amount of skill to win. Discretion and judgment is needed to play fantasy cricket. It also requires a certain amount of concentration as well as research.

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As a result, fantasy cricket is considered a skill game and it cannot be deemed as a form of gambling or betting. Many of the Indian states have even gone on to pass legislations exempting fantasy cricket, which is seen as a “game of ability,” from their gambling regulations.

However, certain states such as Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana do not allow their residents to play games for real money. But players residing in these states can continue to play free practice games.

2.    Provides power-packed entertainment

Once you sign up on an app like Howzat, you need to pick a team of 11 players from the available 22 participating in a particular match. You are allotted a virtual budget for every player in that match. As the match progresses, you have an additional incentive to keep an eye on the performance of each player you have picked in your 11. The better they perform, the more you score.

Since a whole lot of your chances of winning depends on your skills and expertise in the game, your excitement levels reach cloud nine while watching your players perform in the match. It helps increase your zeal and motivates you to take part in more and more fantasy cricket contests.

3.    Sharpens your knowledge of the game

There can be no limit set on the amount of knowledge you can gather on a particular subject, and cricket is no different. Taking part in fantasy cricket and predicting rightly helps in increasing your interest not just in the game but also in the actual sport.

Following the sport, you can know all about the strengths and shortcomings of each and every player and choose your team accordingly. Some players may be good in a particular format, while some may be brilliant in all three formats. Some might prefer a seam-friendly pitch, while the others might prefer spin.

As you go on increasing your knowledge of the game, you will get a hang of things and be able to make the right choice. The better choices you make, the higher your excitement levels will be.

4.    Develops your prediction skills

Depending on your past predictions and analyzing data gathered from previous experiences, you can correctly predict outcomes of upcoming matches. After playing fantasy cricket for a while, you will be able to figure out how to predict correct results on your own.

5.    Rewards you with exciting prizes

The biggest perk of playing fantasy cricket is the possibility of winning exciting prizes. There are different types of contests available on fantasy cricket platforms. By joining a head-to-head contest, you can win the game by beating just one opponent. Here you have a 50% possibility of being able to take home a prize. On the other hand, by participating in a multi-player league, you stand a chance to win whopping big cash prizes and other rewards by competing with thousands of real players from around the country.

The more you play and increase your knowledge on how things work, the better your chances of winning will be. Though the competition is high in leagues, the prizes offered at the end are unmatched.

The Howzat app is especially lucrative for newcomers as it offers them a guaranteed 200% welcome bonus once they make their first deposit. You can also win a referral bonus of ₹500 each time you successfully invite a friend to play on the platform.


According to a report published by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), the fantasy sports industry in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 38% and reach ₹1,65,000 crores by FY25. Given the immense popularity of the genre, it wouldn’t be right to deprive yourself of all the fun, would it? So what are you waiting for? Download the best fantasy app and get started right away! Happy gaming!

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