Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid During Android App Development

App Development Mistake

The world has switched its ways toward digitalization. Almost all leading industries have found a way to digitalize themselves to stay relevant in the market. Mobile app development has a vital role in digitalization. According to a study by 42Matters, nearly 70,000 new Android apps are published daily. However, most of them get discarded after a while. Developers should avoid a few mistakes to build prime android app development services.

Android app development is any application developed using the Android software development kit (SDK) and supported by the Android Operating system. Google-sponsored Android was launched on September 23, 2008. Since then, Android has become the most commonly used medium for app development. Through a software development kit (SDK), you can write original codes and assemble software modules to create apps for Android users.

There are many reasons for developing an Android app. You can create an Android app for business enhancement, customer attraction, entertainment purposes, or even games. The developers choose Android app development over others because they want to reach out to most mobile device users.

3 Benefits of Android App Development

Android app development is a key ingredient in the digitalization of businesses. It is a popular platform and a core competitor of iOS. However, there are a few features that attract developers to Android app development, and they are mentioned below:

Low Costs and High ROI

Android app development holds the edge as it includes access to Android SDK. Through the SDKs, developers can design interactive apps. Moreover, Android app developers only need to pay the one-time registration fee for application distribution. After this, they can leverage any computer device to build and test the product.

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Rapid Development and Fast Deployment

Business Android app development is done quickly, only in a few hours. Also, this helps as it reduces the Time to Market. Many companies are given a competitive edge as they can rapidly get their new ideas into the market.

Android Features and Customization

Being an open-source platform, Android provides maximum features and customization to developers. Apart from customization, Android OS enables Android app developers to create versatile apps that can be integrated into multimedia tools and data management functions of your existing business processes. So, The customization feature allows the businesses to approach to broader customer base by accommodating the changing business requirements.

Three Common Mistakes of Android App Developers During App Development:

Ignoring Users Need

The first step for any app development is understanding the target market and conducting intense research. It is a must to understand what your users need is a must instead of assuming it.

It is better to get insight research done on the user’s demographics, motivations, and behavioral patterns. Moreover, to stand out among all, you must first understand what your competitors are providing and what they are not.

To create an app that is popular among the users, you need to find answers to the following questions:

  • Are you providing sustainable solutions through your app?
  • Is the app design updated with the new market trends?
  • Does your app have all the features well-executed?
  • Is your app unique and different from all the already existing similar products?

Most Android app developers forget about the basic pointer in developing an Android app, the research. If you do not get your research done properly, you might ignore the basic need of your target market, resulting in a less popular app.

Identical Website or Desktop App

A mistake that developers commonly make is replicating the same website into an Android app. However, this is not the correct way to do so. It should be well-established among the developers that a mobile app shouldn’t be merely a smaller version of your desktop app.

The use of apps on mobile phones and apps on a desktop are completely different. Hence, while developing an Android app, you should not design the same mobile version of a desktop app.

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To design an app for an already existing web app. Also, you should choose the same color scheme and theme across the board. However, you should also focus on the app’s UX.

Jumping Big- Developing for too many Platforms at Once

Many Android developers make it a major move; they jump too higher. Although it sounds like a good solution for reaching out to different platforms as it will enhance the approach. Unfortunately, taking this step at an early stage of development causes a major loss.

Not only will this cost a great deal of money, but it will also need twice the amount of people. Most importantly, developing two apps simultaneously can reduce your focus on one or both apps.

It is better to start small and develop one app for one platform at a time. This will help you analyze and understand the app better and modify your app based on the necessary changes identified.


Almost everything is available on our mobile phones in the internet and technological advancements world. Businesses are trying hard to stay relevant in the market by getting an iOS, or Android app developed. Android stands for a huge market of apps that are user-friendly and interactive.

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Suppose you have a project lined up and do not want to develop an app that includes all the mistakes mentioned above. In that case, you can hire an Android app developer through an Android app development company. Alos, It will save you a lot of time and hassle in creating the perfect android app.

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