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live streaming app

In a world where people are busy with their work but need to enjoy a small world, Hot technologies have helped them do so by making a live streaming app to watch their favorite shows, sports, and other events live at their location on their mobile phones.

People love to enjoy the snap of time, so I just capture the things which are streaming live on an application powered by some live streaming companies.

There are a few big companies like magic code concerto lab, open-cell, etc. that make live-streaming apps and help them build systems in which they take live stream videos. Like hot stars, which streams all the sports and news live on the application so people can watch those at their own location without visiting here and there.

Live streaming apps

For making a great live streaming application development, the minimum cost is 12000 dollars that are 8-9 lakh rupees in India. As it is the minimum cost because it will include the essential items, not the advanced technologies like if We moved to the advanced technologies which include great privacy great video qualities, and other graphics, then the cost of making this application will rise to some other level.

Many sorts of live streaming applications can be audio live streaming applications like Spotify, wynk music, etc. At the same time, it can be a video live streaming application like Netflix, Amazon hot star, etc.

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Then comes a final live streaming type application that lets you watch TV on your mobile phone, but there is a choice of changing to on-demand video, but after switching to it, you will lose your favorite TV shows, sports channels, series, and so on. That’s the reason companies create live streaming apps with TV broadcasting.

Steps to Build a Live Streaming App

Before building any live streaming app, you must see the essential steps mentioned below.

Choose a CDN
CDN means content delivery network. It is the first important step if you want to scale your servers. For this, you need to pay some additional amounts, but after paying the amount, you will feel like you have got in return.

Use a Reliable Hosting

For making a ball easy app, you must choose a reliable hosting that improves the smoothness of the services for your customers, making them more comfortable with your app. It is not that much important, but as soon as your application gets more popular, the number of users will grow, and once the videos are in large quantity, it will make an issue for the streaming quality so to make your streaming quality best and more comfortable towards your application.

Think About Storage

It would help if you took care of the content in a reliable place so that the user can see your given video without failure and unexpected distortions. The best option for live streaming application development is cloud services, which make your application more scalable and affordable plants, which help you save money in making a useful application in a few amounts.

Attractive UI/UX Design

Appearance means a lot. The users will judge you according to the first impression you give to your customers, so the most important thing you look for is your high skills in UI UX design to make your application more attractive and quite comfortable. For doing such things, you need to hire some great skilled designers and experience of development companies that give you excellent services without failure.

Add Basic Features

Once you get to know about all these details without failure, you will get great success in this field, and you will reach the top if you follow all of the qualities that are mentioned and avoided in the context.

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First of all, you have to choose a great platform. There may be several options making it native or hybrid but try to go for the native one, which has a specific design platform. The code which we create for the application can efficiently be coded in a language that is precise for this platform. A hybrid application will support multiple platforms like it can be built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The basics thing without which you cannot run any of your live streaming applications is

  •   – User Registration
  •   – creating a personal user profile
  •   – Online streaming
  •   – Comments to broadcasts
  •   – Search
  •   – Server-side (ability to convert stream)


A live streaming audio application means you can hear any of the songs on that platform without downloading them into your mobile storage and enjoying it using your mobile data or Wi-Fi. In the same way, the video live streaming application is something that shows you like a video without downloading it in your application and at the same time more telecasting on the television.

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