When Should You Switch to VPS from Shared Hosting?

VPS Hosting

At the starting stage of any business, shared hosting would be the best choice to host a website. But after some period of time, they need to upgrade their web hosting resources and package. This situation happens when a website gets a huge amount of traffic spikes and shared hosting is not able to handle it.

Generally, hosting packages includes a certain amount of space and bandwidth on a server to a website for file storage. All the files that are on the website are made accessible online to viewers through a web host. Servers host each and every site on the internet.

The type of host you choose will decide the extent of space you are assigned on the server. There are four main types of hosting, namely, Linux VPS, shared, reseller, and dedicated. The technology used on each server is different along with the added benefits and management levels.

There are several benefits of Shared hosting. These advantages include:

Shared hosting is a particularly attractive option for small to medium businesses as it is highly affordable compared to VPS and dedicated hosting. So you get a lot of features at the lowest cost in the market. Moreover, the responsibility of management and maintenance rests on the shoulders of your hosting provider. So you do not have to worry about encountering tech problems, they will be quickly resolved.

You do not need to fret if you don’t have the technical knowledge required to run your server administration as well as your website. Your shared hosting provider has got you covered. They will take care of all the administrative responsibilities. cPanel and other applications that are a part of the shared hosting package simplify website management and make it user-friendly. Your domain is allowed to have a number of email accounts as well as databases. In addition to this, you are also provided with PHP and MySQL support.

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Several websites provide similar features. However, with shared hosting, you get 24/7 tech support, supervision, and maintenance that provides uptime reliability that can rival dedicated hosting plans.

What is VPS Hosting?

One of the several web hosting solutions available in the market is the virtual private server known as VPS. VPS hosting service comes with both Linux and Windows VPS hosting platforms. While shared hosting packages are perfect for businesses that are newly starting or are still small, as their business expands, the web hosting needs also increase. A dedicated server can be one of the options to consider, but the limited budget of small businesses might find it hard to accommodate its high cost. Hence, VPS is the perfect web hosting plan if you’re looking for upgraded features that shared hosting is capable of providing, combined with the advantages of dedicated hosting.

How can VPS Hosting be beneficial?

VPS provides improved reliability and performance with guaranteed resources. They also offer the highest level of security, so you do not have to worry if your website is secure or not. VPS makes licensing an extremely simple process. It has a high loading speed and brilliant uptime rates. Along with scalability, you receive full management of your service. Hence, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of your VPS hosts and their 24/7 available tech experts.

Signs that your site needs to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting?

Superior performance:

When the visitors on your page begin to grow so do the needs of your website. You might find the features of Shared hosting limited and unreliable as your visitor count surpasses the thousands. VPS is the perfect solution for you as it is more affordable than a dedicated server, but has more flexibility and private server features than a shared server provides.

Security for your server:

You do not need to worry about, nor are you inhibited by your security concerns with VPS hosting as compared to shared hosting. The server you use can be entirely custom-built as per your requirements. You can alter your security settings to accommodate the growing needs of your website and business.

Additional features:

Transitioning to VPS from shared hosting results in several added benefits ranging from better privacy, complete root access, larger web traffic accommodation, and customized server features. Several VPS packages offer varied resources for you to choose from.

Do not need to share resources:

Shared hosting includes hundreds of websites on the same server. It invariably leads to sharing your server resources with several other users. There is a possibility of heavy traffic websites using most of the resources, thus leaving very little for the rest. It could severely affect your website and thereby, your business. VPS is beneficial in these circumstances as your website is insulated from a resource crunch since you do not share your server with hundreds of other websites.

Absolute command:

Several web hosts prefer VPS because it gives them complete command over their server as opposed to someone else calling the shots as is the case in shared hosting. Hence, many of the web hosts who might not necessarily need VPS, opt for it due to this autonomy of controlling your website hosting, which makes the extra cost completely worth it.

The choice is yours:

There are several templates for Linux operating system to choose from. There are several third-party applications and software available that you can install to run your VPS the way you want. You can use usually restricted scripts due to the root access given to you by VPS.


You should consider all of the four webs hosting company plans to match which one fulfills the needs of your business the most. If you run a medium-sized business that is rapidly growing, you might find shared hosting benefits lacking to accommodate your expanding needs. VPS is the perfect middle man that provides all the benefits of dedicated servers at a substantially lower cost. For affordable and reliable VPS hosting services, bodHOST would be the best option for you. They provide all kinds of hosting services at an affordable price point. Their support is available 24/7 to assist you. For instant information, visit their website and initiate a live chat.

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