What Makes Canada The Best Place To Get MBA For Indian Students?

MBA For Indian Students

Canada is one of the few countries in North America with a global reputation for being competitive, safe, and prosperous. India has taken a more prominent position internationally with their rapid economic growth and urbanization that have transformed the country’s landscape. But India still lags behind North America in many ways like education quality and cost.

Canada is an ideal place for Indian students looking for higher quality education at lower costs than in other countries like the USA or UK. Many business schools and colleges in Canada are ranked among the top globally. In addition, the visa application process in Canada is also simple for Indian students. Here’s a rundown of a few other benefits of studying in MBA colleges in Canada.

Lower Tuition Fees & Higher Educational Standards

Average tuition fees of mba in canada for indian students are less than $20,000 (or Rs 12 lakhs) a year. This is generally sufficient for living and studies but not required to work during studies. Business schools also offer scholarships and grants for many students based on their academic performance, work experience, and potential to contribute to the business school’s ecosystem.

These can amount to a significant discount on regular tuition rates, including a waiver of tuition fees entirely. Business schools in Canada offer the same quality education you can get in top business schools elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. You can easily save $50,000 (Rs 30 lakhs) by studying in Canada vs. other western countries.

Work During Studies

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for Indians after graduation because of the high standards of living and social security facilities made available to them by the Canadian Government and its growing economy. You will be allowed to work on-campus or off-campus during your studies.

However, you might need a work permit to work on campus. This will allow you to gain professional experience and get valuable references from your supervisors. But here’s the best part, if you are already working in India, you can also continue your job during your studies.

Study in Top Ranked Business Schools

Canada has over 30 universities ranked in the top 200 Universities in the world. Three of these are in the Top 50 for MBA and Management courses. However, the higher the rank of the university, the more you have to score in your GMATs to get admission. For Indian students looking for top mba colleges in canada, here’s a list of a few of them:

  • University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management
  • York University’s Schulich School of Business
  • McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management
  • Edwards School of Business
  • Queen’s School of Business

These are the top-ranked schools in Canada. You can save $30,000 or more if you study in one of these schools instead of a US or UK business school. There is no doubt that you learn the same quality education from these schools, but these top-ranked schools offer plenty of programs at a lower cost.

Canada as Global Language

English is widely spoken and understood in Canada since it is one of their official languages. For Indians coming from non-English backgrounds, English familiarity will help them find jobs easier after graduation or get promotions faster. However, the English medium education system in India is still poor compared to other countries like the UK and the USA. It is a fact that most Indians prefer to learn English as a foreign language to learn advanced technical or business terminology.

However, Canada’s strong global focus on its language will help fill this gap and enable you to communicate with the world. You will also be one of the few Indians who are fluent in both English and French. Additionally, students of Canadian universities have a chance to work as interns at some of the most prestigious companies around the world.

To Wrap Up!

Canada is an ideal place for Indians to study business administration. Its economy is growing and offers a quality education at lower costs. In addition, the country’s cultural and linguistic similarities make it an ideal destination for Indian students from non-English backgrounds and other parts of the world. Any student can easily adjust in Canada if they have some basic knowledge of English.

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