Expanding Your Business in the Asian Online Market

Asian Online Market

If you’re interested in expanding your business in the Asia-Pacific region, you may want to consider the Asian online market. The region’s economies are not all equal in terms of online commerce uptake. However, Indonesia leads the way, with a higher percentage of digital consumers than its neighboring countries. By 2020, Indonesia’s digital consumers are projected to reach 137 million or 68% of the estimated total population. Other Southeast Asian countries with large online consumer bases include the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Weee! Asian online market is a food delivery service based in New York City, but has recently expanded to several other cities around the United States. Weee offers door-to-door fresh delivery or pantry delivery, allowing for a customizable buying experience. Also, The company’s aim is to make it easier for Asian immigrants to eat the traditional foods they’re used to in their homeland, and for local Americans to try something new and different.

The Fremont-based startup offers 4,000 Asian and Hispanic products, from Taiwan cabbage to Korean pork belly. Customers can even buy boba lattes and Lay’s cucumber-flavored potato chips. Weee is one of the largest operators in the Asian online grocery space and has raised over $400 million in funding. Chu has also partnered with celebrity chefs and businesspeople to create a “Weee Community” section where customers can upload videos of their food.

Kim’C Market

Korean artisan products have become an increasingly popular option on the internet. Kim’C Market offers 100% pesticide-free tangerine juice from Jeju Island and organic shiitake mushroom powder. The market also offers premium single-origin rice, including Cote and Atomix, which ship fresh and the same day. Also,This is an excellent resource for all your Korean-inspired cooking needs. Here’s a closer look at some of its best items.

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Korean food isn’t hard to find, thanks to Kim’C Market. Founded by Ryan Kim in Brooklyn, the website offers over 180 different items imported directly from the country. Their best-selling item is a 1,000-day-fermented gochujang sauce. Many customers have noted that Kim’s owner is wonderful and the prices are in line with typical Asian grocery stores. To purchase online, you must have at least $10, or use a credit card.


EON is the largest food retailer in Japan and operates 711 supermarkets and shopping centers. During its heyday, EON also had an online presence, conducting auctions for both internal use and for the general public. EON now owns a collection of companies and will continue its global expansion this year. In the meantime, EON will focus on Japan-focused global data synchronization efforts.

Eon will expand into the Chinese market through the creation of shopping malls across the country. Initially, Eon plans to target middle-income families and will build retail outlets in suburban areas. It currently has four shopping centers in Beijing and Tianjin. It plans to expand its operations into neighboring Hubei Province and Guangdong Province. The company also plans to build a 170,000-square-meter shopping complex in the city of Guangzhou, home to a population of 13 million people.

Don Quijote

The Japanese discount chain Don Quijote recently announced plans to expand their presence in the Asian online market. The brand, which is famous for its colorful “jungle displays,” is expanding its presence in Hong Kong, where they’ve opened a new store in the financial district. Don Quijote stores use cookies to collect information about how customers use their websites. The company has recently updated its cookie policies to comply with local privacy laws.

In April 2014, the Japanese government increased their consumption tax from five to eight percent, causing the economy to contract by 6.8%. The company’s sales jumped just 2.3% in the same period, but needed a reliable revenue stream to remain in business. To that end, the company began a partnership with travel agencies and hotels to offer customers 3% cash back at its online store. Don Quixote’s Asian online market: A Growing Online Market for Japanese Discount Stores Click here to read more articles.


If you’re looking for Asian groceries in Brisbane, you may have heard of Jusco Asian Supermarket. It’s an Asian-owned store located at 311-319 Belmore Road. In this store, you’ll find a range of Asian food products that are not available elsewhere. The display racks are divided into sections. You can use trolleys to make your shopping easier. You can also take advantage of occasional special deals and promotions.

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