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How Animation Has Change The Reality Today | Web Tech

Nowadays the world is emerging in the technologies a lot. There have been so many discoveries that are being made at the pace of every passing day. If we just sit back for a day and observe, we will surely realize that how much we are surrounded by technologies. The things that were considered to be impossible in the past are now in action. Technology has helped us in making our lives plainer. How can it happen that we talk about the latest technologies and miss out on animation? The technology of animation has been with us for quite some time now and has endured a lot.

The technique of animation is being widely used nowadays as well. The animation is a process in which the pictures are portrayed in such a manner that they give away the illusion of a video. Nowadays there are two types of animations that are being widely used. 3D and 2D animation. Although 2D animation is not used as much as 3D still you can get your 2D animation made from any 2D animation company. However, 3D animation is the peak of animation nowadays, and a lot of people are using it for different purposes.

What Is The Reason 3D Animation Is Popular?

The 3D animation works in very little detail. It works in 3 dimensions so it focuses on the little things to make things very interesting. 3D animation makes the objects move and rotate just like the real world. This gives a sense of amusement to the viewer and he ends up sticking to the video.

Have you ever seen a kid jumping? Must have. Well, have you noticed the details? How the body pushes down when he lands on the ground, how the hair bounces off, and how the clothes move? Just like this, a 3D animated video includes all the little and important details to make things look pretty real and because of this, it is popular.

How 3D animation is Being Used

Remember the cartoons we used to watch when we were little? They were animated. From the cartoons from the mid-1900s to 2021 animation has been doing wonders for us. It is being used in movies, TV shows, videos, and games as well.

Do you remember the movie Avatar? How much famous and popular it got. That happened because it was the first-ever animated movie. After watching the success it got a lot of film directors adopted the same idea and not to their surprise it worked for them.

The human brain is always attracted to the visual content and if the animated video is made with all the right details then the results will be great. 3D animation is a great way of portraying the message to the targeted audience as well. As it is very addictive to watch and also makes the viewer enjoy it.

How You Can Use It For Marketing?

Having your businesses online is so essential nowadays. There is tough competition in the vast market and for you to stand out from the crowd it is imperative to walk the extra mile. You should consider the 3D animated video as a tool for your business’s marketing.

A lot of businesses today consider making an animated video in which they tell about all the services they provide. It is an effective way of engaging your customers and helps your business to let the customers know about its existence. Moreover, a lot of websites of different businesses have a 3D animated video on their landing pages so that the visitors get a full idea of how things work there.

A Great Way Of Telling Stories!

Animated video can do wonders for all the storytellers for sure. Gone are the days when people used to read to stories as nowadays everyone is busy. Furthermore, a video can provide you more information than written content. Also, no hard work needs to be done, just get your phone out and play the video for the story you like.

A lot of storytellers complain about the lack of interest that people have in stories nowadays. They should try and change the way of telling stories so that they can observe the results in no time.


While making an animated video a lot of research has to be done as well. The things like target audience, brand, and the message that has to be conveyed should be decided before. A 2D animation company has also been making videos for a lot of customers but in comparison with 3D, it is still not a very market. The animated video is so effective in conveying the required message so that it can benefit the people it intends to do in a better way.