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An Overview 

Sandakphu is a trekking spot at an altitude of 11,929 ft. It is the highest peak in Darjeeling, West Bengal. This is the highest peak point which is located inside a National Park called Singalila. It is along the paths through which the trekkers could pass through. 

Sandakphu Trek is well-known for the mesmerizing scenery of the four icy mountains which are included in the highest five mountain ranges. Those four ranges are Kanchenjunga, Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu.

  • For your trekking trip to be a most memorable one, you need to visit there at the best time to enjoy the trekking well. As the name suggests, it is full of vegetation. 
  • Several plants including orchid farms, bamboo, birch forests, etc. are one of the main attractions. Sandakphu is also rich in its fauna; the red pandas, several bird species, etc. constitute the main attractions as well.
  • You can visit here during any season since every season adds a unique charm and beauty to this place as well as to Nature. You can visit this place twice a year. If you are visiting in April and May, then it will be more suitable. 

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  • This particular time will be a great scenery for the eyes as during this time, the flowers blossom. Occasional showers might be there, which can’t be predicted. 
  • During the month of June-September, the Singalila National Park is being closed as it is the breeding time for the species.
  • If you are planning to visit during October and November. But, at this time you should beware of the snowfall which might happen occasionally. 
  • Some people even used to visit here during the winter time that is from December to February. 
  • A great suggestion that can be made on my part is that you can visit Sandakphu any time of the year except during the monsoon months. Every season imparts an exceptional beauty to Sandakphu.

Do Seasons add Beauty to Sandakphu?


The summer season, without doubt, can be considered the best time for feeling the beauty of Sandakphu and the flora and fauna present there. The temperature seems a little modest From March to May. The temperature range may be between 12 to 20 degrees. 


This helps in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere and hence you may feel better in exploring the place. You can wear normal woolen clothes. During the arrival of Spring, the entire path will be covered with rhododendrons.

 Mostly, during this time, the flowers blossom, creating a mesmerizing view for the trekkers. The grassy green sight is heavenly. If children and elders are there, then make sure that you have taken the necessary medicines also with you.


During monsoon, the Riotous green landscape is ornamented with more beauty. Usually from the middle of June till September, the Monsoon breaks in. This place usually gets heavy rainfall during these months.

The atmosphere seems to be so cloudy too. So, it is advised not to trek during this time as it seems so difficult. The people won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of Sandakphu and also, they won’t be able to explore every corner of this place.


From October, the autumn season begins and it will extend till November. One could experience a blithesome daytime and chill nights during these times. Normal woolen clothes will make you comfortable throughout the journey. Nearly 8 to 15 degrees will be the temperature range. 

Time to visit

This particular time serves the best opportunity for the people to enjoy the four highest peaks including Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. The Sleeping Buddha will appear in red and golden color shades during these times. 

Especially during the sunrise and sunset. One could see the sunrise in the most fabulous way ever they wish for.


Winter trekking will be so thrilling and also adventurous for all these daredevils. Truly, a chilling climate is being felt there. This usually happens during December and February. 

The temperature will be 1 to 7 degrees and it may go down during the night-time. Winter time here will be so frosty and cold. But you should make sure that you have come with requirements like sweaters, woolen clothes, shoes with heat insulation, jackets, shawls, etc. to treat and welcome this frosty winter. 

Trekking in Winter

Even though you love winter and enjoy trekking in winter-time, always keep in mind that you are going to fight the harsh face of winter here. So, pack your bag accordingly.

 Also, you should be very careful while trekking during winter since there are chances for occasional snowfalls. The month of February is being welcomed with sweet thick layers of snow covering the whole place. 

Try to avoid choosing this season if you are planning your trip with children and aged elders. 

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