Understanding Online Social Casinos Addiction

Online Social Casinos

Social Casino refers to the act of taking risks with the hope of winning something more valuable. The addiction to online social casinos is the inexplicably strong desire to keep social casinos regardless of the damage. It causes to the person’s life. Social casino addiction is caused by the fact that it triggers. The reward system of the brain as alcohol or drugs can. Indeed, addiction to Online social casinos is the most prevalent addiction disorder that affects impulse control in the world. Take help from an Online Counselor at TalktoAngel if you think you need counseling on social casino addiction.

There are a variety of factors that can trigger the creation of a social casino addiction such as the need to make money as well as. A “high” that is derived from the excitement of betting and the intoxicating atmosphere that surrounds the online social casino world. In the past. The psychiatric community generally believed that social casino was more of a compulsion than the result of addiction i.e. It was a habit that was driven by a burning desire instead of physical need. But, studies showed that social casino addiction is more similar to addiction to alcohol and addiction to drugs than initially believed. It was decided that the American Psychiatric Association made the choice to officially admit social casinos. As addictive in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM)

What effects does Social casino have on the Brain?

Similar to addictive substances such as Meth and Cocaine addiction to social casino is linked to the release of dopamine inside the brain. These substances alter the reward system in the brain and can release 10-fold the amount of dopamine. In the course of use, the body develops tolerance since the natural dopamine production is slowed and the body requires an increasing amount of the stimulant substance to get the same high.

Similar to those who suffer from addiction disorders who need increasingly intense doses to achieve a high, or to consume ever larger quantities of alcohol in order to become drunk, gamblers take on more risky options and wager greater amounts of money in order to enjoy the same thrill they used to enjoy. Research has also revealed that addicts who are pathological gamblers and users have some similar genetic traits to impulsivity and a desire for reward. Additionally, both sufferers of addiction issues and addicts suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop.

The Signs and Symptoms of Social casino Addiction

The most important characteristic of social casino addiction is the fact that individuals become totally obsessed with specific social casino pursuits and continue to follow them in a compulsive manner, regardless of the negative effects. People suffering from a social casino addiction typically report feeling of losing control, where they believe that they’re not capable of stopping or avoiding social casino.

The most common signs of addiction to social casino are:

  • The need to bet on increasing amounts of money
  • Not achieving success in trying to limit, reduce or end the cycle
  • Uneasy or anxious about not being able to play
  • Gaming to get rid of difficulties or alleviate anxiety
  • Try to recover money through the social casino
  • Risking important relationships or openings as a result of social casino
  • Making use of theft or fraud to gain social casino cash

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Contrary to casual gamblers addicted to online social casino is unable to stop losing money or establish a number of losses; they must continue social casino to try and recover their losses. In many instances people lose more than they intended to, gets upset about the amount loss, then seeks to make up for the losses by betting more, which leads to more losses. This vicious cycle can have several negative outcomes and could affect the physical, mental and financial health.

What are the Triggers?

Social casino can cause many issues, but addiction can affect anyone. There is no way to know who will become addicted to social casino. The process can be described using the basis of a spectrum that ranges from abstinence from recreational social casino to problematic social casino.

Social casino becomes an issue when it is unable to be controlled , and it affects relationships, finances and work. People may not be aware that they are in trouble for a time. A lot of people who develop an addiction to social casino are thought of as trustworthy and reliable however, certain factors may result in an alteration in behaviour.

They could be:

  • Retirement
  • Tragic conditions
  • Stress related to work
  • Emotional instability, for example, anxiety or depression
  • Loneliness
  • Presence of addictions that are not related to the present
  • External factors, like the availability of friends

There is evidence that suggests that people who are prone to one addiction could be at a higher risk of developing the other. Neurological and genetic factors could have a part to play. People who are affected by social casinos might also suffer from a dependency on drinking or using drugs, perhaps because of a genetic predisposition to addiction.

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Certain medicines have been linked to an increased chance of social casino addiction. Other addictions may also develop as a way to alleviate the negative feelings caused by social casino addiction. But, there are some who gamble and do not experience any other form of addiction.

Certain risk factors can increase your risk. This includes:

  • Depression, anxiety, or personality disorders
  • Other addictions, like alcohol or drugs
  • the use of specific medications like dopamine agonists. They have been associated with the risk of developing social casino addiction
  • sexual sex, since it tends to be more prevalently affecting males than women.


Similar to other types of addictions the therapists have discovered that gamblers who are compulsive respond positively to both pharmacological and psychosocial therapy. CBT has been proven to be extremely efficient in dealing with social casino addictions by teaching the skills to prevent relapse and ways to alter behavior, while also discovering the root of the addiction. You can also take help from an Online Counselor to know about different non-medical ways to manage social casino addiction. In addition, support groups and self-help group can be helpful because they provide non-judgmental support for recovering addicts.

The treatment process can be divided into three kinds:

  • Psychotherapies: This could be the practice of behavior therapy or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Talk to a counselor online and ask them about different therapy for behavior modification which can help a person lessen their urge to gamble by systematically exposing them to the behaviors. CBT can change how a person feels and thinks about online social casinos.
  • Medical Treatments: Mood stabilizers and antidepressants may help to reduce symptoms and diseases that are associated with social casino addiction. Certain antidepressants could decrease the urge to gamble as well. Narcotic antagonists — the drugs used to treat addiction to drugs can help addicts.
  • Groups for self-help: Some find it useful to connect with others who are in the same situation.
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