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Are you looking for ways how to make money without a job? Then the trick is to go for jobs or tasks that you can do and make money even if they are not “actually jobs”.

The truth is, you do not need a job to make an income and this is a truth that most of you might have to disagree with. Well, I understand your reasons as most people you know have not been able to make money without doing the regular or the usual 9-5. 

But you see, when I say that you can make money without a job, I am not referring you to any illegal or fraudulent activities or just making these things up. Most of these are online businesses that pay.

However, please note that before we proceed, this is simply how to make money without a 9-5, and not how to get free money without working.

And so, with that being established, let us see how to make money without a job –

What Does It Mean To Make Money Without A Job?

“To make money without a job”, like the term simply tends to giveaway, simply refers to the act of getting cool cash even if you are not doing a 9-5. 

Can I Make Money Without A Job?

Yes, you can make money without a job as there are a lot of online money-making opportunities and also offline available for you even if most of them do not require you to have a job.

And in this article, I will be showing you 7 ways how to make money without a job.

7 Simple Ways On How To Make Money Without A Job:

 1. Invest In The Stock Market –

One of the easiest ways to make money without a job is through investing. And the stock market presents us with a lot of exciting companies, both new and old that we can buy shares in. 

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As a Nigerian, you can get started if you know how to buy shares in Nigeria as you will only need to monitor your shares and then, know when to sell. However, remember the rule – “Buy Low, Sell High”.

 2. Graphics Design –

Another way to make money without a job is basically through graphic design. In this business, you can make money working on your schedule and most especially, even work with 2 or more people at the same time without having to rush off just to beat the traffic and reach your company’s office. 

As a graphic designer, you are open to a lot and unlimited job opportunities. You can even work online as well.

Below are a few online freelancing platforms where you can work as a graphic designer –

  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour

 3. Get Paid To Test Website –

A lot of companies in the world are always on the lookout to make sure that their client is satisfied. And due to this, they make sure that every UI/UX or User Interface and User Experience is top-notch. How do they do this?

This is where you will come in as a paid website tester. As a website tester, you get paid by companies to check for bugs or features which are not cool on the website. This could be checking the website’s responsiveness to clicks, alerts, and a lot of interactions that the user will make as well as color changes across different browsers.

As a paid website tester, you can freelance on some of these platforms –

  • UserTesting
  • TryMyUI
  • Respondent

 4. Sell Your Photos Online –

As a photogenic person, you have lots and a lot of cool and hot photos of yourself on your mobile device. And you can even make a lot of money by selling them.

You see, there are a lot of companies that would love to buy your photo and also, a lot of individuals that would buy these photos from this company in return. You earn a couple of bucks to sell your photo to these companies depending on how much you charge.

Below are a few companies where you can make money by just selling your photos online –

  • Shutterstock
  • Unsplash
  • 500px
  • Dreamstime
  • EyeEm

 5. Get Paid To Transcribe –

Transcribing means putting pen to paper and starting writing what has been played to you on audio. A lot of companies and some top brands can pay you heavily just to do this for them. 

The only skill required to make money as a transcriber is a good listening skills, great writing speed, and familiarity with the English language (although this depends on the language).

As a transcriber, you may also work freelancing on some top platforms.

Below are a few platforms where you could open an account and start working as a transcriber –

  • Upwork
  • QA World
  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev
  • Fiverr
  • GoTranscript

 6.  Rent Out Your Car –

Most people believe that cars are not digital assets and that one cannot make money from them apart from commercializing them into taxis. Well, while this is true, the truth is that you can also make money via other methods from your car. And one of such is through renting it out for a fee. 

A lot of people might be interested in getting a car probably for an event and they would not mind renting your car. Most times, this could be for as long as 4hours or even less. And one of such platforms where you can rent out your car is Turo.

 7. Become A Freelance Writer –

Do you enjoy writing and would love to make a few bucks from it?

You see, writing is a lucrative “business” that has still managed to remain untapped despite the sudden hike in the number of content creators that exist to this day. 

As a freelance writer, you could be writing content for blogs, companies, and even individuals but the key takeaway is that you are writing for different persons and that you are making money even without a job. As per reports, Freelancers are believed to earn over a couple of dollars daily just writing content and this is much better than what most job workers or office holders make.

Below are a few platforms that you can sign up on as a freelancer –

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Teenager Make Money Without A Job?

Yes, a teenager can make money without a job. And depending on their skill, teenagers can also make money via any of the methods above.

Is It Free To Make Money Without A Job?

This depends on how the platform you choose to implement your skill. Some platforms such as Upwork do charge a fee to verify your account or you go for the hard procedure where you will have to wait for verification.

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