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Learn Ethical Hacking | How to Start a Career in Ethical Hacking

With the increase in the amount of data available to us today, the need for ethical hackers is also increasing. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and ethical hackers make use of hacking methods to help serve a greater purpose of data security and protection. If you are looking to build a career in ethical hacking, the first step would be to read a hacking tutorial, and research to find an ethical hacking course. Here is an overview to help you learn ethical hacking and build a career in the field.

  • - Firstly, learn ethical hacking
  • - Learn about the different types of hacking
  • - Gain knowledge about the skills required to become an ethical hacker
  • - Build your knowledge in programming and operating systems
  • - Learn more about network and security 
  • - Join an ethical hacking course 

If you are someone who isn’t aware of the subject, or if you are a fresher who is looking for more knowledge, this guide on ethical hacking will be perfect for you.

Learn Ethical Hacking

 As basic as this may seem, the first step before you enter any domain is to learn more about the foundational concepts in any subject. The approach followed in which system and network security is defended by exploiting existing vulnerabilities is known as ethical hacking. These hackers work on building a system that is strong and also strengthening the network security by looking for any weaknesses, and immediately rectifying these with the appropriate countermeasures.

The same techniques that a hacker with malicious intent would follow are followed by ethical hackers as well. They use these techniques to find any vulnerabilities and to fix them. However, most ethical hackers only offer this service once they are employed in a lawful manner to an organization.

Learn about the different types of hacking

The next step to learn Ethical Hacking is to know about the different types of hacking. In this hacking tutorial, we will help you get a basic understanding of these types. Hacking is considered to be a negative term, however, there are different types of hackers who perform different activities and serve different purposes. These purposes can range from malicious activity to beneficial activities.

  • - White Hat
  • - Black Hat
  • - Grey Hat

Grey Hat and White Hat hackers are the types of hackers who use their skills for ethical hacking purposes. Black Hat hackers are typically the ones who are involved in malicious activities and illegal activities.

If you know more about these types of hackers, as a professional, it will help you set your boundaries and understand the legal nuance of being in this profession. If you are a fresher in this field, the first role you can take up is that of a Penetration Tester. This means that you will work on identifying vulnerabilities in a network, application, or system. You will also protect the system from cyber-attacks and inform the organization immediately in case of any faults or vulnerabilities in the system.

Gain knowledge about the skills required to become an ethical hacker

There is no set path in building a career in any field. Each organization may have different requirements and will create a job description that suits their requirements. Different organizations may look for different skill sets. However, knowledge about Information Technology, a degree in Computer Science, or Mathematics will definitely lay the foundation well.

Apart from these technical skills, you will also require the ability to handle pressure, good problem-solving skills, and be able to think out of the box. To learn ethical hacking, you must also have an attitude that lets you learn continuously. A few more technical aspects to remember learning would be working knowledge of various programming languages. Some of these are C/C++, Python, HTML, ASP, Java, and others.

Build your knowledge in programming and operating systems

How to learn ethical hacking, you must also have some knowledge of programming languages. This is mainly because you will have to work on different operating systems. Having knowledge of operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, LINUX, and IOS will help.

This will help you identify the different programming eros and implement a security solution if needed. Coding and enabling automation is necessary, you can learn this through an ethical hacking course, or a free ethical hacking online course.

Learn more about network and security 

As ethical hacking is part of the cybersecurity field, it is important to know about the different concepts in computer security and network. Being well-versed with the basics and foundational concepts of advanced security and network such as Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, firewalls, cryptography, and the different types of cyberattacks such as denial of service (DoS) attacks, is important as well.

You can gain more knowledge about these concepts with the help of blogs, or by joining a hacking course. You can also learn through books that will help you learn ethical hacking.

Join an ethical hacking course 

As the need for ethical hackers increases, recruiters in all industries are looking for individuals with ethical hacking skills. There are various training programs and certification courses available in the market today. Joining an ethical hacking course or a boot camp that will help you enhance your skillset can be crucial in building your career and helping you gain real-world working experience in the domain. A certificate will also add credibility and help you land a good job.