Tips to Increase Instagram Engagements in 2022

Increase Instagram Engagements

Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement in 2022? You are not alone!

Lately, we saw the number of likes on a post as an excellent sign of its performance.

But today, brands need to take a closer look at their performance metrics and look at the performance of their content to get comments, save, share, view Instagram stories, and even get to know DMs.

As we change the method, we measure our engagement, it’s essential that we change the method we try to enhance engagement in our feeds. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you might think!

We’re sharing tips and tricks to help you leverage your Instagram strategy and increase Instagram engagement in 2022. But first, we’ll follow up on how to engage Instagram and measure your current rate.

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram engagement partner is an integrated term for your brand’s interaction with Instagram. Despite having a billion Instagram users, there is always a rat race for attention. He who dominates the timelines of his followers produces the best content at the right time, and removes the light of day.

The ultimate goal is to get likes and real comments (a lot for spam and promotional couples!). In turn, it opens up important avenues for lead generation and branding.

Before posting, be sure to check out this checklist:

  1. Are your followers taking your post in their feed or not?
  2. Will they find it so interesting to tap the heart?
  3. Will this post conspire to leave the ideas behind them?
  4. Is the post worth sharing enough?
  5. Is this post likely to be saved?

This will make it clear how engaging your content should be. Until you are Sir David Attenborough set a Guinness World Record for hitting one million followers in just 4 hours, 44 minutes. In this nature awareness post, the 94-year-old inspirational post spread like wildfire in September 2020 with 18m + views. In addition, you can also promote your Instagram account by getting Instagram services through Smmservices.

Now it is sure; Such traction is rare. But we can ignite the fire of our current Instagram engagement.

How to Measure Instagram Engagement?

Now the question is how to measure the engagement of Instagram.

This is quite a test at times as the algorithms change. And as we already know, Instagram loves experiments, bombarding us with updates.

It removed such counts from public opinion around the world in November 2019. The experiment is still ongoing with limited test accounts.

But thank God, there are many more ways to find out if your audience is on the same page. You can go to your Instagram business account and check out the insights in depth. Instagram Insights is divided into three tabs.

  1. Content

It has all the measurements about specific posts or stories like interaction, reach, impression, follow, discovery, next story, exit, etc.

  1. Activity

The Activity tab contains a list of actionable business plans you’ve observed over one week, such as profile visits, conversations, reach, impressions, and more.

  1. Audience

As the name suggests, it summarizes your audience population with in-depth insights into their age, location, gender, hourly / daily followers, etc.

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However, don’t confuse between reach and impressions.

The number of Instagram users viewing your content is rich. The impression, however, is how often your audience encounters your content, which allows them to reach you.

After gaining access to all these insights, follow these steps to get an engagement rate:

  1. Get total engagement by adding likes, shares, and comments
  2. Divide it by the number of followers
  3. Multiply the number by 100

If the engagement rate is above 4%, it is higher. And less than 1% is low. The middle ground is moderate.

Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

  1. Create Content

This may sound obvious, but the more you post, whether it’s posts, stories, or reels, the more your map mark grows! As your content spreads, Instagram’s algorithm will start sharing your content more and more and expand the scope of your ideas.

  1. Follow the Trends

The word “trendy” can sometimes turn people away because of the business rate, however, when you’re talking about content, trendy content is your social media advertising ideas for the Greenwell NC platform, and a great way to engage.

  1. Write Attractive Captions

Unlike other social platforms, an Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long. This is the best place for you to take the audience’s attention and start a conversation with them by asking questions, sharing information, or making jokes!

  1. Create Content that is Savable and Shareable

Instagram comments, shares, and savings are more important than ever. The best way to improve your engagement this year is to create content that you’ll want to reference later. Posting something that will be useful or life encourages your audience to tap the save button or share your post with friends who also like it. Now you can make your posts more effective through buy Instagram likes Canada via Smmservices.

  1. Always Analyze

Staying on top of your niche on social media doesn’t mean you can’t change content to test what your followers like when they interact most often, and In what area of Instagram do they spend their time? You may be wondering what your followers are paying the most attention to. Trial, error, and content experiences are key to social media, which goes beyond curves, and has a strong content strategy.

  1. Discover the Best Time to Post

If focusing on what content to publish is not enough, finding a sweet spot about time in 2021 is another component of understanding. Umbrella hours where most people are active on IG. Like on a Saturday between 9 am and 11 pm, and then from 4 pm to 6 pm. However, it ultimately comes to your followers and when they are active. When analyzing your content, add posting time as another variable and try different times of the day. See what engagement levels are high and when to find your sweet spot.

  1. Handle Your Hashtags.

Posting with hashtags is a tried and true way to reach different users who are not already following you. Instagram Hashtags are trending broadly in your niche, and figuring out who your brand and content are related to is the best way to target who to post with. The use of permanent hashtags and the mix that changes with each post will reach many different users you may not have seen before.

  1. Share Your Stories.

In 15 seconds, a post on your Instagram story can reach hundreds of your viewers with the best stickers, captions, and tags. Stories to engage you with questions, polls, or “swipe ups” to impress your followers can be used. More than 70% of people report that they check their stories before going to any other part of Instagram, so be sure to double and share new posts, polls, and other interactive content for your followers.

  1. Memes make you memorable.

If our audience is not interested in any of your other posts, memes should be easy posts to make your followers laugh, share and engage. We are seeing more and more brands include Essays and references to pop culture in their publications, including memes and trending topics. Engagements increase when you add something fun and weird!

  1. Consistency is Key.

Followers like it when there is something to look forward to. If your #qotd gets to more engagement, don’t stop posting this part by chance! It is also important to maintain consistency in colors, letter types, voice publishing, etc. as they determine your brand personality and the type you follow in general.


Posting on Instagram seemed so easy until we learned all the necessary steps to have a successful following. Hopefully, these tips and tricks from the Binyameen will benefit your Instagram’s profile growth throughout the entire year 2021, you can follow our Instagram for more tips as the year goes on! These tips and tricks help you to increase the presence of your personal and business Instagram account. You can also increase the sale of your business by adopting this strategy.

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