Which is the Most Extraordinary Feature of WhatsApp?


Talking of social media platforms, WhatsApp is the most popular channel in the world. Although there are innumerable social channels catering to different groups of people, no channel is as versatile as WhatsApp. When this platform was introduced for the first time in 2009, it was just considered a messaging app. However, gradually it improved itself into a highly useful platform by adding new features.

You may be wondering what makes WhatsApp Indian Social App the most popular social media channel. There are many reasons but the most important is its user-friendly features. If we compare the features of WhatsApp with other similar platforms, no other app gives as many features as this messaging app. Although Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also beautiful apps, when it comes to ease of operating and convenience, no one can beat WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp platform that we see today is much improved than it was earlier. Therefore, apart from being a messaging app, it is also used for sending pictures, documents, audio, and voice clips. And if you think that is enough, it also offers you facilities for live audio and video chat. You can virtually talk to anybody anywhere in the world by using this feature.

You can imagine the popularity of WhatsApp by the number of daily active users who are hooked to this incredible platform. Currently, there are more than 2000 million users on this messaging app. A mind-boggling 100 billion messages are daily exchanged on WhatsApp. If we go deeper, we find that around one-fifth of users are on iOS and three-fourths on Android.

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In the year 2020, with 600 million downloads, WhatsApp became the most downloaded application on Facebook. It occupies the number one slot among messaging apps with more than two billion monthly active users. WhatsApp is far ahead of its nearest rival Facebook messenger which has 1300 million users while WeChat with 1200 million users is in the third position.

Delete for Everyone Features

One of the drawbacks of WhatsApp was the lack of a “delete for everyone” feature. People often sent wrong messages that they wanted to delete. However, because of the lack of such an option, they had no choice but to face the consequences of sending inappropriate messages. Around four years back this changed, and eventually the ‘Delete for Everyone feature was introduced for users in 2017.

It is currently one of the most useful and important features that the messaging service has to offer to its billions of users. By using this particular feature, you can delete any message even after it has been sent. This feature came as a huge blessing for billions of its users who felt helpless after wrong messages were sent inadvertently. The delete window of seven minutes was too less to make any difference.

Normally, people use different WhatsApp groups for personal and official purposes. You can imagine the state of mind of a user who may have sent a personal message to his office WhatsApp group. Previously, he had no option to delete that message after the expiry of a time period of seven minutes. Actually, such mistakes are usually noticed after some time. But the damage was already done, and the user had no option but to face the consequences.

It is one of The Most Widely Used Feature

It is undoubtedly one of the most useful and important features that the messaging service has offered to its users.  This helps to delete any message that has already been sent and delivered. Therefore, If you have sent a message by mistake to a group, you can still delete it much later by using the ‘Delete for everyone feature. Users have taken a huge sigh of relief with this amazing feature.

The Feature Will be Eventually Extended to All

WhatsApp had earlier introduced this feature with a window of seven minutes. However, later on it was extended to over 60 minutes.  It is presumed that WhatsApp will most likely extend the delete window indefinitely.  The new update will be available on the latest beta version of WhatsApp.  The report further stated that the feature is currently available for updates and it will be soon available to every user. At present, WhatsApp users get a window of only sixty minutes to delete messages from personal and group chats.

Other Channels Will Too Follow It

Besides, the expert group also suggested that the iOS version of WhatsApp is getting a new interface to play videos. This feature is currently visible to those who are using the earlier iOS beta version of the app rolled out for users in October. The delete for everyone feature was so much appreciated by users that today, an average Indian social app is keen to incorporate this feature on its platform. It’s only a matter of time before WhatsApp comes with more exciting features.

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