6 Effective Ways to Make the Best Use of Employee Monitoring Software

employee monitoring software

Increased demand for employee monitoring software can be observed in recent times. The reasons for this exponential rise can be many. But the primary one is the coming of startups and business enterprises of varying sizes and volumes. With this software application, companies find it easy to boost the accountability, productivity, and scalability of the employees. Organizations are more likely to boost growth when they have tools to monitor the workforce.

A recent survey that questioned the workforce of an organization about workplace productivity revealed a lot:

  • About 40% of the employees use company desktops for work-related reasons not beyond an hour.
  • About 30% use desktops for up to 2 hours and only a mere 20% use the company desktop for 5 hours or more.
  • Finally, only 3% use it for 10 hours or even beyond that.

Now the abovementioned data creates an area of concern among employers and they can’t stop thinking about ways to stop the menace. It is a pity for any employer to see the workforce spending time on personal leisure. Considering the time and effort an organization invests in the workforce, the best option to tackle this issue is using a time tracking tool. The software prevents the employees from accessing those sites that are not related to work and accessing irrelevant data. However, every organization needs to get the best out of the tracking tool or software to stay updated about the activities of employees. Realizing its full potential ensures company growth in the long run.

How to realize the full potential of employee management software?

Installing the time and productivity tracker may heighten stress among the employees initially but you need to strike a balance and reduce the negative effects.

The software installation needs to be shown as a positive activity to the teams to manage the workflow and boost the performance of the team, it must not be viewed as an opportunity to reprimand them or intrude into their privacy. Here are a few effective ways to use the tool.

1. Segmenting individual activity

Using the monitoring application allows you to segment chunks of data about the users’ activities. The same data can be used to eliminate the chances of errors and revs up the overall productivity of the business. Any organization shows better sustainability when it gets rid of loopholes.

2. Using a time tracker

The time tracker helps you know when the teams clock in and out. Furthermore, it allows you to watch the efficiency and the timeliness of every individual reporting for work.

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3. Considering the employees’ recommendations

This might bring second thoughts to your mind but you need to go deep inside and understand the reasons for considering the employees’ wishes. The availability of software applications for different features and programs from capturing screenshots to monitoring the activities, and discussing them with the teams allows you to get feedback. It is not to go against the installation but the more savvy your teams are with the software, the more its effectiveness.

4. Managing the remote teams

How about managing the teams, sitting miles away? Given the popularity of remote work culture in modern times, installing software with time and motion study makes the data more relevant. Plus, it streamlines the payroll process by calculating the hourly rates.

5. Watch the use of irrelevant websites

The internet is a vast storehouse of information that allows users to access a wide range of apps and sites. With the employee monitoring software, you can successfully prevent the employee from wasting precious work that may cause harm to the operational efficiency. It will remind the teams that the desktops in the workplace must not be used for personal activities or leisure. Blocking those websites prevents the chances of distraction from the assigned tasks.

6. Safety of the company assets

If you want to protect intellectual property from certain employees that steal information for personal benefits, the monitoring software comes to help. It will let you know from where an individual has copied information. Besides, it helps the employers detect a company asset has been leaked through email. Therefore, company secrets can be kept safe with a software application.

Finally, you need to speak to your staff about the pros and cons of using monitoring software. Your staff may not feel good to hear about the cons of the application. Let them understand that installing the app is to keep an account of their good work. And not to barge in on their personal space. KnowYourDay is a time tracking software offering brilliant features and functionalities to resonate with your teams and operations. Good Luck!

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