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Roadmap to Azure DevOps Certification

Developers and operators combine to deliver standard value to consumers through DevOps. DevOps professionals are involved in designing and implementing application code that allows continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback from the system. With increased efficiency, scalability, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and reduced costs cloud computing has taken a large chunk of modern businesses.

Microsoft Azure is one of the widely used cloud computing services that provides Saas, PaaS, and IaaS services and supports various tools and frameworks even for third-party software and systems. We will learn how Azure DevOps certification, domain areas, their weightage, prerequisites, and possible ways to explore Microsoft Azure learning.

Why Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps allows organizations to have broad access, metered usage, smooth collaboration across domains, rapid elasticity, and to contain data in a secured environment. In addition, it supports adding extensions and integrating with other services that meet end-user needs and business objectives.

Who should take this Azure certification training?

  • For anyone who is working on Clouds and DevOps platforms.
  • The designing procedure has to plan for tracking work items along with software from inception to completion.
  • People with proven expertise in Azure administration or Azure development.


It is recommended that you have prior knowledge of cloud computing concepts and have experience with implementations of PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS.

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  • For a beginner in Azure & Cloud computing is something you should consider AZ-900 Azure major
  • For a beginner in Azure admin prefere AZ-104: MS Azure admin & AZ-010: Azure admin for AWS SysOps.
  • For a beginner in Azure development, consider taking AZ-204: Developing solutions for MS Azure & AZ-020: MS Azure solutions for AWS developers.

AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Expert certification overview

DevOps professionals will be involved in designing and implementing DevOps practices for build, release, version control, and configuration management using azure technologies. The right understanding of core Azure concepts, core Azure, core solutions & management tools on azure, general security along with network features, Azure cost management, and service level agreements will build a strong base in azure cloud management.

Here are the domain areas in AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps expert certification.

AZ-400 Domain AreaWeightage
Establish communication and process configurations13%
Develop a source control system and implement it19%
Build and release pipeline design and implementation42%
Develop a Security and Compliance Plan14%
Implement an Instrumentation Strategy13%

Certification Curriculum

Upon completing the AZ-400 certification, you can perform the below tasks with ease and expertise. The module consists of graphics, reference links, and optional hands-on labs for practice.

  • Creation of Azure DevOps account
  • Source control management system
  • Creation of Azure DevOps project
  • Azure DevOps Pull requests
  • Creation of build pipeline for the project
  • Enable Continuous integration
  • Working with self-hosted agents
  • Create build pipeline for PHP application
  • Integrate Code analysis- Sonar cloud
  • Build policy- Running pre-merge builds
  • Running pipeline for specific commit ID
  • Create build pipeline for java application
  • Creating Docker build pipeline
  • Pushing container images to Azure Container registry
  • Create and deploy to Azure web application
  • Create and link Azure key vault with variable group
  • Create a library project
  • Create Azure Artifact feed
  • Connect, publish and consume packages to and from the feed-in pipelines.

Azure DevOps transformation journey involves observation, decision, and acting upon the tasks. It starts with observing your business and market needs, current user behavior, and opportunities to be collaborative. Then you align your observations for what you can deliver in a practical approach. Later, you create a traceability matrix and act by delivering working software to end-users. This certification course helps you to familiarize yourself with Azure Repos to store and manage your working software code and Azure pipelines to set up fully automated builds and releases.


Upskilling is the key to staying stable in the ever-changing market. Azure DevOps certification provides the guide to enhancing and demonstrating DevOps and cloud computing skills. Microsoft offered AZ-400 certification that requires prior knowledge and expertise in the cloud domain. Completing Azure Developer Associate or Azure Administrator Associate is a must to apply for AZ-400 certification. In addition, Microsoft azure fundamentals training forms the foundation for understanding cloud concepts, their usage, implementation, and effectiveness for any working software.

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